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Work like you!!


With the slogan "Japan's most comfortable taxi company to work for," we have established systems that not only provide compensation but also support for skill improvement and independence so that all employees can live a satisfied life.

Qualification requirements

●Regular license

●People aged 19 to 69

(Because the retirement age is 70 years old)

Please contact us first!

Labor system

You can work the hours and style of your choice!

●Day or night work

Monthly working days 8-22 Crew

“You can choose your arrival and departure times!”  

●Alternate day work

Monthly working days 6-11 crew

“You can choose your arrival and departure times!”


There are various systems!

●Salary guarantee system available (ex 500,000 yen per month)

●It is possible to obtain qualifications such as universal driver.

Private car commuting OK

●Masks will be provided to each crew member if necessary.

●All vehicles have anti-scattering plates installed

- Equipped with vehicle alcohol disinfectant

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