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With the slogan "Japan's most comfortable taxi company to work in," we have established systems that not only provide salary support but also support for skill development and career advancement so that all employees can live a life of satisfaction.


Recruit Policy

Qualification requirements

Regular license *For those aged 18 to 69 (retirement age is 70)

Service system



(Actual work 12 hours break 1.5 hours)

・Working days per week: 4 days ・Working days per year: 208 days ・Holidays per year: 157 days

job description

◎This is a job at a taxi company, including simple clerical work, operation management assistance, and telephone answering. It is okay even if you have no experience or are unfamiliar with PC operations. In addition, I also handle general duties related to cars. (Battery replacement, transporting the vehicle to a maintenance shop or inspection site, etc.)

Rest assured that we will provide you with thorough training.

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