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We support your independence with a kitchen car!

We will lend you a kitchen car. We can lend it to those who are thinking of becoming independent with a kitchen car or to those who need a kitchen car for a single day. We used to run our own kitchen car business. We can also lend out the cooking equipment needed to operate a kitchen car, which we know because we have experience in doing so .

KC identity 2.jpg
KC horizontal 2 openings.jpg
KC identity 2 opening.jpg
Vehicle name: Minicab truck (Mitsubishi)
Model: GBD-U61T
KC identity 2 open and bright.jpg
Basic rental fee
Consumption tax included
1 day
1 night 2 days
2 nights 3 days
21,780 yen
39,160 yen
53,020 yen
19,602 yen
35,244 yen
47,718 yen
We are currently offering a first-time discount!
We also rent cooking equipment such as stoves and pots that can be used immediately. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form below.
Long-term rentals of 4 days or more are negotiable.
Please contact us first.

Other vehicles

We also own vehicles other than those listed above. Please contact us.


KC drawing.jpg



KC sink reshoot.jpg

water tank

tank 1.jpg

cold table

KC cold table 2.jpg


KC inverter 2.jpg

external power supply

KC external power supply 2.jpg

Rental cooking equipment

IH cooking heater

r1_IH stove.jpg

Iris Ohyama IHK-T35-B

Boiled pot 32cm IH compatible

r9_IH stew pot.jpg

Wahei Phrase RA-9144

High heat cassette stove

r2_Cassette stove FuBO.jpg

Iwatani Cassette Fubo CB-AH-41

Two-stage steamer 30cm IH compatible

r6_IH steamer.jpg

Wahei Phrase VR-8184

soup jar

hot showcase

r4_soup jar.jpg
r8_hot showcase.jpg

Zojirushi TH-CU045

Taniko SCT-490ESS


r7_Wakita generator.jpg

Gasoline carrying can 10L

r5_gasoline carrying can.jpg

Meltech FZ-10 Fire Service Act Compliant Product

range guard

r3_range guard.jpg

Odajima 3 pages 1510208

Wealsohave many IH compatible and gas compatible pots.

Hot plate

r10_hot plate.jpg

Zojirushi EA-DD10-TA

Wakita HPG3000i

Please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the necessary equipment.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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